Virus/Scam e-mail that appears to be from

There are e-mail messages getting through to users that appear to be from or or variations on that theme. Gamewood doesn't generally send e-mail to customers. Your best bet is to delete the message and forget it.

We recommend that you follow these rules for e-mail:
  1. Do not open attachments if you're not expecting one.
  2. If you get an attachment from someone you know but weren't expecting it, ask them first.
  3. Do not follow links in e-mails that you aren't expecting. If your e-mail software allows you to hover over the message to see the real link (Outlook and Thunderbird do this) then you can see if what is printed in the e-mail matches up with the actual link
  4. If you're uncertain, please give us a call.

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Did You Know?

Be careful when downloading free software

This recent IT World article describes issues with downloading free software and links to an article at How-To Geek that suggests an alternative for getting free software safely.

With any software that you download please make sure that your virus software is up to date, that you're downloading your software from a trusted source (this isn't always easy to figure out which is why these articles can be beneficial) and that you're not getting additional software that is bundled into what you're trying to get.

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